3DM Export for Solid Edge  v.1.0

3DM Export for Solid Edge is a Rhinoceros (.

3DM Import for SolidWorks  v.1.0

3DM Import for SolidWorks is a Rhinoceros (.


3DM Import for Solid Edge  v.1.0

3DM Import for Solid Edge is a Rhinoceros (.

3DM Import for AutoCAD  v.1.0

3DM Import for AutoCAD is a RhinocerosT« 3DM file import plug-in for AutoCADT«.

3DM Export for SpaceClaim  v.1.0

SpaceClaim already has the ability to export to 3DM files. Solid objects in SpaceClaim are converted into solid objects in 3DM files. SpaceClaim does not offer an option to convert solids into polygon meshes in a 3DM file.

3dm Viewer  v.3.23.09

3DM Viewer is a cross platform application which allows .

RaidMonitor  v.

Keep track of the status of your RAID devices. RaidMonitor runs in the system tray and monitors the status of a 3ware RAID controller with 3DM 1.x software. Get RaidMonitor ans take it for a test drive to see just how useful it can be for watching

Automesher x64  v.1.7.6

Import/Export many of 3D file formats and convert 3D drawing entities in AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD software with our Automesher application. It supports STL , OFF , OBJ , 3DS, IV, SAT and more 3D file extensions.

FreeMill  v.1.0.1

FreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package built on MecSoft Corporation's world renowned VisualMill CAM package. With this product you will be able to import VisualMILL, STL, Rhino .

Bongo Evaluation  v.

Bongo is a dedicated application developed to cater to the needs of the Rhino 3.0 and 4.0 users and allows them to animate moving, rotating and scaling Rhino objects without exporting them.

3D Win File Format Converter  v.

3DWin converts entire scene files, including solids, meshes with vertex normals, (u,v) texture coordinates, texture mapping parameters, image maps, lights and cameras.

Ayam  v.1.20

Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface. Ayam was formerly known as "The Mops". Ayam is primarily aimed at the Linux, IRIX, and Win32 platforms. On those platforms BMRT (Blue Moon Rendering Tools,

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